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Just Simple Things

oversized_coat spring
Jacket - Crispin & Basilio , Top - Lola Paige, Maxi Skirt - H&M, Gladiators - Cole Haan, Purse - Jigsaw

Just a simple outfit that I wore over the weekend that I thought I would share with you guys. I was definitely dressed for comfort but with an attention to detail. This Lola Paige tank looks basic from the front, but glance at it from the side and it's a whole other story. I know, I know. It's November but I still occasionally wear my gladiators. This is actually a very common dress practice in Southern California, where we can have heat waves even in the middle of December. The weather man says it is going to be in the 90's today! But the weather was so lovely this weekend, and my feet felt like coming out of hiding. So there you go. I promise, no more sandals until spring from now on!

And here is a pretty looking jumble of outfits that I heart with, well, all my heart. All I know is that I need myself more maxi skirts, an oversized coat for my winter vacations, super flare leg jeans, knitted sweaters, super skinny black jeans (my year-round essential), and color-blasted pants. I love dressing up during this season! There are so many possibilities!

oversized_coat girl jacket
black coat

coat girl sweeter
Pictures from Stockholm Streetstyle and The Fashion Spot

Runway Looks I Love in Spring Jackets

For some countries, Winter has gone by... and now is time for Spring!

In Spring, sometimes we also want to put on a jacket, whether it's for keeping us warm from the chill of spring, or as a shield from the wind, or to layer up our sleeveless-tops, or simply for a fashion statement... :) We will definitely avoid to choose the 'heavy' ones.

It has many fashion tips and there is a slide showing some women's spring fashion jackets 'in action' on the Runway.

The light-weight fabrics are a great aspect for spring jackets.. added with fresh colors, pretty styling and designs fit for warmer temps, the jackets would be perfect to be wore over your spring outfits and be your wardrobe staples.

Here are my pick-up ones that I'd like to share with you:

Light-Weight Jacket

D & G Jacket
This jacket adds the extra layer without obscuring a pretty outfit. Versatile khaki works well for spring, and details like rough hems and covered buttons add texture to a simple jacket.

White Jacket

Dries Van Noten Jacket
A white spring jacket. From loose casual blazers to short cropped jackets, white is a perfect fresh color for the season and works well with everything from light prints dresses to jeans and tees.

Sheer Jacket

John Galliano Jacket
The sheer jacket adds depth and interest to your ensemble without adding bulk.

Light Denim Jacket

Express Jacket
A light denim jacket looks sensational paired with a pretty floral print blouse.

Bright Colors Jacket

Gucci Jacket
A short jacket in a bright, bold hue, such as this blazer-style jacket in tangerine, adds a splash of sunny color to any outfit.

Glam Jacket

Balmain Jacket
For spring evenings, a lightweight jacket with added detail, like this embellished jacket, can add flair and a glamorous vibe to your look.